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CQB 2012 - Quality control of disposable plastic cups

CQB 2012 - Quality control of disposable plastic cups 


Grandi s.r.l. has developed the new CQ/B2012 quality control machine designed for the quality control of the disposable plastic cups used in automatic vending machines. The new system will effectively check the quality of stacks of plastic cups used in automatic vending and dispensing machines. At Grandi an on-going commitment to research and development and synergies between company departments have enabled the creation of an extremely compact QC unit which can operated independently on a plastic cup moulding and production line. A linear TV camera with a purpose-built lighting system checks the entire rim of the cup. During the 360° check the system will detect the position and type of any defect. The image is saved to the memory of the onboard computer ready and available for processing by the customer. The software is simple and easy-to-use and will create a report file in .CSV format containing all the information about each stack checked during the inspection cycle. The report can be read with MS Excel, any of the widely-used editor programs and management system programs (not provided with the machine).


Speed: 40 cycles/min

  • Diameter of the rigid cup;
  • Linear TV camera;
  • Cup counter (with user-defined min/max settings);
  • Stacking pitch check to prevent cups being jammed together (with userdefined min/max settings);
  • Vision of the entire rim of the cup (360°) detection of the following (with userdefined min/max settings):
    1. Thickness uniformity
    2. Dents
    3. Cuts
    4. Breaks
    5. Marks
    6. Moulding flash
  • Remote access using existing network card;
  • User management with various levels of access to software functions;
  • Five cup formats already provided;
  • Compiling of report files. If the files are not downloaded automatically, they will be archived at the end of each calendar month with the name of the month which has just ended;
  • Option of setting new cup formats via an internet connection between the customer and Grandi;
  • Memory space for 99 formats (optional formats);
  • Tool for testing the focussing of the TV camera on site (optional);

"The size limits refer to the final pack. Special executions will be evaluated from time to time. Grandi Constantly updates its products to the market's requests. Thus the technical specifications here mentioned are not binding and can be changed on the discretion of the manufacturer."