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IR-CS - Frozen products robotic packing line

IR-CS - Frozen products robotic packing line 


This robotic unit represents a high versatile system to handle fresh products and frozen ones as well and it perfectly shapes to whole types of product, from croissants to frozen bread, from muffins to snacks.

Its concept is simple: combine the artificial vision with the weight control. In fact, it is possible to fill cartons with a precise amount of products and check the total weight at the same time. The versatility of the whole system is created by several solutions of the picking of the moving product: they can vary from the suction cup with vacuum autogeneration to a complicate electromechanical grippers. The products arrangement into the carton can be random or ordinate. Its depends on the product dimensions or the customer specifications. The line is able to absorb many speed productions in function of the number of the filling stations. Being a modular system, it is also possible to increase its initial production speed adding more filling stations in the future. Grandi’s mission has always been to offer to our customers reliability and confidence at first. From this point, the mix between advanced technology and mathematic certainty creates a synergy of absolute success: the quality control connected to the correct weight will increase your factory’s reliability towards the end user.


Product picture Production Speed (Pcs/h) Product dimension (cm) Carton product amount Products arrangement Closed carton dimension
IR_CS 4000 55x6,5x6,5 35 IR_CS 60x40x30
IR_CS 8000 28x6x6 72 IR_CS 60x40x30
IR_CS 12000 18x6x6 107
IR_CS 60x40x30
IR_CS 20000 7x4x4 100
IR_CS 30x40x25
IR_CS 4000 36x10x5 35 IR_CS 60x40x30
IR_CS 8000 18x7x4 72 IR_CS 60x40x30
IR_CS 4000 28x12x7 39 IR_CS 60x40x30
IR_CS 19000 5x5x4 160
IR_CS 30x40x25