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HU - Filling Group

HU - Filling Group 


The hopper of the filling system receives the products and prepares the batch. When one batch is ready, the bulkheads open and insert the products on the second hopper underneath, which puts the products on the bottom of the carton tidily. At the same time, the first hopper closes to receive the products arriving from the production line and starts preparing the new batch.

The system provided with pre-stacking hopper and product insertion hopper allows the introduction of the batch into the carton previously formed while the new one is being formed.


Can be connected to our counting machines

Motorizzazioni con inverter. Le velocità sono programmabili direttamente dal PLC della macchina.
Impianti di lubrificazione automatica programmabile in funzione delle condizioni operative della macchina.

Drivers with inverter. The speeds can be programmed directly from the PLC of the machine. Automatic lubrication system programmable in accordance with the machine operating conditions.



"The size limits refer to the final pack. Special executions will be evaluated from time to time. Grandi  Constantly updates its products to the market's requests. Thus the technical specifications here mentioned are not binding and can be changed on the discretion of the manufacturer."