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FC 25 - Tray Forming Machine

FC 25 - Tray Forming Machine 


From a store manually loaded the cardboards are taken by a mobile arm provided of suction cups and deposited on lateral slides. A centring device pushes the flat carton and centers it in the area under the forming zone. During this transfer, strips of hot-melt glue are applied by special diffu­sers controlled by an electro-pneumatic group. Going on the operative cycle, a forming plate with movement up-down, let the flat carton pass through the inside of the fixed hopper for the carton folding. This hopper folds in sequence the flaps of the carton and gives shape to it. On its final part a special mobile group of pressing units pusher the box in the points where the glue has been applied, ensuring in this way a perfect seal. Then the box is brought towards the exit where, as last phase, the two small reinforcing flaps are glued and folded. The box is then unloaded at the exit on your conveyor belt.


The FC 15 can be connected to an option group for the automatic loading of the flat blanks directly from the pallets supplied by the blanks manufacturers.

Production speed: 25 boxes/minute

MIN. (mm)
200 200 40
MAX. (mm) 600 400 280

"The size limits refer to the final pack. Special executions will be evaluated from time to time. Grandi  Constantly updates its products to the market's requests. Thus the technical specifications here mentioned are not binding and can be changed on the discretion of the manufacturer."