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BX 6 - Seal-banding Machine for round Boxes

BX 6 - Seal-banding Machine for round Boxes 


 A conveyor belt brings the boxes towards a starcross unit that takes and inserts them into a bucket of the toothed chain. Each box is brought until a rotating group by the chain and inserted between two plates by a pusher.

The rotating group is composed by six orbital sub-station composed by two plates laid one on top of the other and free to rotate on their vertical axis while the principal group rotates. A second group unwinds the seal-band. A third one unwinds the coil of the neutral part. The different speed between the external circumferences of the box and the rotating drum allows the application of a strip of seal-tape well taut and centred.


Production speed:
100 boxes/minute

MIN. (mm) 50 12
MAX. (mm) 105 50

"The size limits refer to the final pack. Special executions will be evaluated from time to time. Grandi  Constantly updates its products to the market's requests. Thus the technical specifications here mentioned are not binding and can be changed on the discretion of the manufacturer."