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ARB 60 - Vertical Cartoning machine

ARB 60 - Vertical Cartoning machine 


The flat blanks are taken from the store and positioned on the products. Then the case is formed around the products  by using a dedicated hopper and special folders.

The closure is carried out by applying hot-melt glue on the blank still open, before its arrival over the product and, after forming the case, a set of  dedicated press which bring the closed case on the exit area, allowing the drying of the glue


Maximum versatility. They pack products of any shape in various configurations. 
It uses flat blanks of every weight, also corrugated carton. 

Production speed: 70 case/minute



MIN. (mm) 60 40 80
MAX. (mm) 130 80 180

"The size limits refer to the final pack. Special executions will be evaluated from time to time. Grandi  Constantly updates its products to the market's requests. Thus the technical specifications here mentioned are not binding and can be changed on the discretion of the manufacturer."