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AO/P - Horizontal Cartoning machine

AO/P - Horizontal Cartoning machine 


The cartons preglued on the back are singly taken by suction cups, squared, preformed and loaded directly into the adjustable buckets of the conveyor chain.

The product to pack, manually or automatically inserted on the feeding chain, is brought towards the area for its introduction into the box.

pusher (specifically designed) inserts it carefully into the case and the closure of the flaps is made through hot-melt or tuck-in.
The versatility of these machines allows the packaging of every shape of products in the configuration requested.


Preset for the manual or automatic loading of the product. 

Production speed: 60 cases/minute

MIN. (mm) 105 40 15
MAX. (mm) 195 110 60

"The size limits refer to the final pack. Special executions will be evaluated from time to time. Grandi  Constantly updates its products to the market's requests. Thus the technical specifications here mentioned are not binding and can be changed on the discretion of the manufacturer."