Welcome in Grandi SRL

Experts in customized machines

The company started in 1970 based on a business idea of the founder Renato Grandi. Over the years the company has built a reputation for the quality of its products and its ability to propose solutions that meet customer needs and incorporate the most advanced technological innovations.

Grandi specialises in designing and manufacturing automatic packaging and packing machines and has made quality its watchword.
From the UK to Manila, from Spain to the USA there are businesses using Grandi machines to pack, count and package their food or products.


The incorporation of the new generation into the company has stimulated developments at all stages of the production cycle, from design right through to the after-sales service. What attracts customers most to Grandi is our expertise and the benchmark quality of our products. Grandi has the ability to understand customer’s needs and to produce tailored solutions. Solutions that combine reliability and ease of use with the most advanced technologies to be currently found in the world of industrial automation.

Backed by 40 years experience in the packaging machinery industry, field-tested experience to be shared with anyone who requires standard automated packaging machinery customised right down to the smallest detail.

The result? Fully-customized automation for a modest investment. We still remain true to our original calling: experts in customized machines.

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