INTERPACK 2011, 12 – 18 May (Düsseldorf) – Hall 14, booth 14C08

International packaging trade fair

For over 40 years Grandi Srl has been distinguishing itself in the market by its quality production and by an excellent skill in suggesting solutions for both customers’ requirements and the most advanced technological innovation. Proud of this philosophy, Grandi Srl presents itself for the Interpack 2011 with its new robot to pack multi-products directly inside the carton, the high-speed case-packer AV200 and the tape-banding machine BS 70 for plastic boxes of different shapes, projected with brushless motors to satisfy high-speed productions and fast electronic size changeover. This machine receives the boxes assembled from a feeding belt. Then a special taping group controlled by servomotors provides for the sealing of the boxes and the insertion of the neutral paper for the easy-opening at the speed of 70 boxes/minute. The same machine can pack different box shapes (rectangular, square, oval, heart, etc.). The new case-packer AV200 can work up to 200 boxes per minute. It is provided with a continuous picking up movement of the blanks which allows the pre-forming of the box inside without using any folder. The insertion of the product into the box is carried out by a blade pusher designed for high speeds and then the flaps are folded and closed by hot melt glue or tuck-in.

Finally, through the help of the best technology available on the market, we have realized a full robotic automatic packaging line to pack directly inside cartons and in an ordered way, all types of products coming from production lines.

With these lines, Grandi Srl propose themselves to those who need versatile, rapid, reliable machines, endowed with a wide a range of formats. Always competitive in the customized machines, visit our stand for your packaging problems.